Nickel Alloy Mini Tube Capillary Tube

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inconel 718/625, Kovar Alloy capillary tube

Nickel Alloy Capillary Tube 


• Caplliry Tube Material : Inconel Alloys, Hastelloy Alloys, Monel Alloys, Kovar Alloy, Invar Alloy ect

• Tube Size:  OD 0.2-9.0mm,  Wall Thickness 0.03-0.6mm, customized Size

• Tube Length : 10mm-6000mm

• Surface : Polished, Mirro Surface, Birght, Pickling

• Standards: ASTM, ASME, EN, JIS, DIN, GB/T ECT

Sekoinc Metals also produce other special steel capillary tube as per clients demands

  Main  Capillary Tube   Materials  We  Produce  

 •    Nickel  Alloys :   

         Kovar Alloy Invar 36 Inconel 625 Inconel 718Inconel 600

         Hastelloy C276 Hastelloy XHastelloy B , Alloy 31 Alloy 20

•    Cobalt Alloys:       

          Alloy L605 (Haynes 25)Haynes 188 (Alloy 188)

 •    Stainless Steel :  ASTM A182

      Grade F304 / F304L, F316/ F316L,F310, F309, F317L,F321,F904L,F347

        Duplex Stainless Steel: Grade F44 / F45/ F51 / F53 / F55 / F61 / F60

 •    Titanium Alloys : 

      Gr1 / Gr2 / Gr3 /Gr4 / GR5/ Gr7 /Gr9 /Gr11 / Gr12         

Inconel 625 capillary tube

♦   Dimensions  

Φ0.2Φ0.3φ0.4φ0.5Φ0.6φ0.7φ0.8Φ0.9φ1.0φ1.1φ1.2φ1.3φ1.4φ1.5 φ1.6φ1.7φ1.8φ1.9 φ2.0 φ2.1 φ2.2 φ2.3 φ2.4 φ2.5 φ2.6 φ2.7 φ2.8 φ2.9 φ3.0 φ3.1 φ3.2 φ3.3 φ3.4 φ3.5 φ3.6 φ3.7 φ3.8 φ3.9 φ4.0 φ4.1 φ4.2 φ4.3 φ4.4 φ4.5 φ4.6 φ4.7 φ4.8 φ4.9 φ5.0 φ5.1 φ5.2 φ5.3 φ5.4 φ5.5 φ5.6 φ5.7 φ5.8 φ5.9 φ6.0 φ6.1 φ6.2 φ6.3 φ6.4 φ6.5 φ6.6 φ6.7 φ6.8 φ6.9 φ7.0 φ7.1 φ7.2 φ7.3 φ7.4 φ7.5 φ7.6 φ7.7 φ7.8 φ7.9 φ8.0 φ8.1 φ8.2 φ8.3 φ8.4 φ8.5 φ8.6 φ8.7 φ8.8 φ8.9 φ9.0 φ9.1 φ9.2 φ9.3 φ9.4 φ9.5 φ9.6 φ9.7 φ9.8 φ9.9 φ10 

nickel capillary tube sekonic metals

♦   Capillary  Tube Applications    ♦ 

Products are widely used in machinery, lighting accessories, bathroom accessories,

furniture hardware accessories, toy model accessories, jewelry crafts, needle, (injection needle),

temperature sensor, nuclear power plants, boilers, heat exchangers, equipment, electromechanical,

(instrument), instrumentation, electronic components and other industries

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